QUIZAGIL Group is a building development company based in Chicago that combines the visionary artistry of designer Rubén Quiza, and the expertise of real estate managing broker,  and financial strategist Manuel Gil. With over 45 years of experience combined, and an international  portfolio, they incorporate their respective knowledge and experience in commercial and residential real estate development, architectural design, fundraising, construction, management and sales to ensure that clients’ needs are met from every angle.


QUIZAGIL Group helps to ensure that the actualization of each project comes to fruition from conception to completion.

They aim to guarantee the highest amount of profit even before construction commences. They achieve this by assessing the property and its value; maximizing it’s potential in the beginning stages of the design. By providing state of the art 3D design renders as reference, QUIZAGIL Group attracts investors for potential projects, ensuring that the necessary funds are present before starting construction.


QUIZAGIL Group has aligned its services with trusted partner, Jagoli, a full-service construction, furniture and manufacturing firm.


Headquartered in a 20,000 square foot manufacturing facility located in Chicago, Jagoli works closely with QUIZAGIL Group to ensure the highest quality of construction, craftsmanship and design.

Rubén Quiza


Designer, artist, and entrepreneur Rubén Quiza  spent most of his childhood in the seaside town of Ladrido, Spain where he began his studies in music, later becoming a classically trained pianist. In 1989, his family moved to La Coruna, Spain—a city with a vastly larger population, offering many different cultural and creative influences. Quiza received his first informal training in design while working with a furniture restoration company in 1999. He continued to develop interest in the design field as a window design technician for Zara (Inditex Group).

In 2001, Quiza moved to London to pursue a career in interior design. He enrolled in the Regent Academy of Fine Arts where he completed two Professional Interior Design courses. In the fall of 2002 he was accepted into the London Metropolitan University where he would obtain his Higher National Diploma. In 2005 he obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design and Technology with Honors. His final project was selected among the top designers in the U.K. to be displayed in the New Designers Exhibition at the Business Design Center in London, U.K.

During the time of his studies, Quiza spent his summers in Spain, working with various film and T.V.  production companies as a set designer and art director on films such as “Sommne”  and “La Velocidad Funda el Olvido”.

In the summer of 2005, Quiza would return to La Coruña to open his own design studio, where he carried out various design and consulting projects. It would be three years before he would move to Chicago to marry his wife, whom he met while they were both studying design in London. In 2008 with his goal to establish his business in the U.S., his first project would be to remodel her clothing boutique.

Since then, Quiza has worked with clients such as Toyota,  HHG (Hispanic Hospitality Group), Local 150 (International Union of Operating Engineers) and Sushi Samba, gaining international praise.  In 2011, Rubén was invited to Toyota City, Japan, to present his design at a symposium for a concept car. His design for Toyota Motor Corporation, was recognized for its groundbreaking innovation.

In 2015 he designed the set for the critically acclaimed “Cool Swing a Night with Borja Quiza”, completed the design and construction of a floral boutique in La Coruña, Spain, and worked alongside the Steel Consulting Group as part of their 3D and graphics department.

His other noted works have been a resort and hotel in Solta Island, Croatia, a Bikram Yoga Studio in Chicago, and a luxury condo on 1110 North Lakeshore Drive. His current projects include TRYP Hotel by Wyndahm in Chicago, IL , and the Olympic Arts and Tech Incubator in Cicero, IL.

Rubén has helped develop the digital signage platform, Bannervision, and since its inception in 2014, was the source of market knowledge to make it the product that QMA is able to deliver today. He has over 15 years of experience in the interior design, 3D rendering, content creation, and marketing fields. QUIZAGIL Group is the newest addition to the family, joining forces with Manuel Gil, a 30 year veteran in the Chicago real estate community. They incorporate their respective knowledge and experience in development, design, real estate sales, fundraising and property management to ensure that client’s needs are met from every angle. In 2017, Rubén established Quiza Media and Advertising under the umbrella of QUIZAGROUP.COM which also includes Rubén Quiza Design LLC,  and QUIZAGIL Group LLC.

Manuel Gil



*Bachelor Degree in Science with minor in Music and Business Administration at Wilmington College in Wilmington, Ohio and Ohio State University in Columbus Ohio. 2 years of Graduate work at Ohio State University.

*Real Estate Managing Broker with more than 10 different  designation throughout the 30 years of real estate career.


* Ohio State Department of Health (4 years)

Migrant workers Housing Department Director, State Health Programs Organizer and Trainer, Special city and county  client needs vs. service platform strategist for health issues and city emergency response procedures.

*Gil & Gil Publicidad/Advertizing (3 years)

Special Event Director, Expos, State wide conferences, Government affairs, TV program format creator and activity coordinator, Executive Account Director, New account generator, Hire, train and manage sales team.

*Gil & Gil Real Estate (last 30 years)

Residential, commercial and some industrial real estate and property management.

Recruiting, Managing and Training more than 80 High producing agents with Our unique  Gil & Gil Group system. Recognized as one the Highest producing and most efficient company in Chicago based on «# of agents vs income».

* Real Estate Investor (20 Years)

Real Estate Investor for 20 years. Partial Remodeling, complete gut remodeling, condo conversion, new construction, etc. using flipping, wholesaling and buy and hold techniques.

*US Marketing Group and Lincoln Heritage Company (last 9 years)

Insurance Consultant, Lead Generator strategist, Proyecto 1000, Marketing Development, Training development, Special Account Acquisition, Recruited and trained more than 100 agents

* Illinois Insurance & Investment Protection Agency (last 5 years)

Insurance & retirement programs company, Angels Financial Platform development, Angels Financial lead generation and marketing strategy

* Angels Financial Real Estate

Residential, commercial sales and Real Estate Management, Affiliated to the Angels Financial marketing and lead generation strategies.